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In the month following the establishment of the Company, the Hungarian Television broadcasted the documentary entitled The Last Plea directed by Ferenc Kósa. The social response was great. The next day, the queues in front of the stores selling Béres Drops were endless. Overnight, Béres Drops became well known all over the country.



The first member of the Béres effervescent family, Béres Vitalin was launched onto the market. Dr. József Béres and Béres Ltd. established Béres Foundation for a Full Life to coordinate charity activities.



The Company's product portfolio grew again. Two new effervescent tablets were available in stores and pharmacies: Béres VitaSport and VitaKid. The Company moved into its own new headquarters.



The family-pack 100 ml Béres Drops Plus was launched. With an investment of 50 million HUF, the Company set up a modern development laboratory. An old dream came true; development carried out in lease work was replaced by much more flexible and efficient own developments. Béres Ltd. purchased Pharmasol Ltd. (the former Pharmacy Centre in Szolnok County).



The 50 mg Béres Vitamin C and the herb-based Antifront-drops were launched. The Company established its own manufacturing base in Szolnok, named Béres Industrial Production Ltd. The production of Béres products produced in lease work beforehand could from now on be produced in the company's own plant. Via the purchase of Pharmaprim Ltd. (the former Pharmacy Centre in Heves County) the Company acquired a new share in Hungarian medicine wholesale trade



Six new products were added to the product portfolio. With an investment of 110 million HUF, reconstructions and enlargements were carried out in Béres Industrial Product Ltd. The Company considerably increased its share in the medicine wholesale trade. Following the purchase of Libra Ltd. (the former Pharmacy Centre in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County), the three medicine wholesale companies merged under the Bellis Ltd. name. Béres Holding was now a company group employing nearly 500 people, playing a considerable role on the market. On August 20, the President handed over The Order of the Hungarian Republic, Officer's Cross to Dr. József Béres.


The new product, Actival complex multivitamin and mineral tablet enjoying a great potential, was launched. The first four medicinal herb stores of Béres Healthstore were opened.



The new Béres product, Béres Csonterősítő (bone strengthening) tablet was launched. In January, the modernisation and extension of Béres Industrial Production Ltd. began with an investment of about 0.5 billion HUF. On August 26, on the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Béres Ltd., the new factory simultaneously and comprehensively capable of producing all the Béres products at a European standard was inaugurated in the presence of the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. This year Béres Ltd. surprised its consumers with a new product: due to its complex composition and sensational flavour, Actival Junior multivitamin chewing tablet turned into a favourite among children within weeks. Four new Healthstore shops were opened.


Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. greeted the new millennium with the launch of a new product. The new, extremely favourably priced 100 mg Vitamin C film tablet was available in the pharmacies from February. On January 27, the National Institute of Pharmacy (OGYI) registered the invention of József Béres, the Béres Drops as a medicinal product. This was the first product in the world the classification of which was modified from a paramedicinal product to a medicinal product; what was more, this was the first one in Hungary that became a so-called roborant medicine. As a compensation for all the struggles of the past decades, life itself provided the greatest gift to Dr. József Béres on his 80th birthday: Béres Drops was now an OTC medicine serving people's health in the same composition and at an unchanged price. In autumn, the Company surprised its consumers with a new product: Actival Senior multivitamin tablet was made for consumers above 50 years of age. Owing to the dynamic growth and development of the Company Group, it has been operating as a pharmaceutical factory from September 2000. The name of Hungary's strongest OTC product manufacturer and distributor is Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd., present as the main actor in the complete vertical of the OTC pharmaceutical market via its scope of business and investments.


Despite growing competition, the Company preserved and reinforced its positions on its conventional markets in 2001. The Company conducted intense product development for new markets, and in line with its strategy, it actively started to build the market abroad. To this end, the organization was developed and expanded in fields of key importance.
The distribution system needed to be reshaped: our retail consumers were from this time on provided with supplies via medicine wholesalers instead of directly by the Company, which obviously resulted in the growth of our consumer group. On the other hand, the marketing and sales organisations were expanded by investments, which were now capable of realizing a high number of product promotions and sales for various target groups and different retail channels.
As for production in 2001, owing to constant investments, the Company acquired modern and efficient production lines, enabling us to keep the production costs of products at a level lower than typical in the industry. Owing to the fast learning process of mass production and strict control, the costs of the factory did not increase.
Factory investments serving the enlargement of production capacity were continued. In Eger, an OGYI-status ointment producing pharmaceutical plant was set up, as well as a plant producing liquid medicine format animal feed-supplements. Despite the increase in the capital invested and the high returns expected ensuring the future, the Company produced a remarkable value in 2001.


In 2002, Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. had a share of 40% of the Hungarian health protection market, also meaning that the notions of health service, health protection, disease prevention are connected mainly to the Béres name in Hungary today.
In 2002 our Company increased the dynamism of its growth. Its achievements are due mainly to its market performance in Hungary. The previous year was the year of investments on our export markets. Based on our market positions gained over the year, the decision was made to maintain the Company‘s investments in Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia .
This year, Actival, as well as Actival Max with a renewed composition and new distribution channels turned into the multivitamin products sold at the highest volume. The 20% growth of the Actival family was a great achievement on the stagnating multivitamin market.
The 30th anniversary of the creation of Béres Drops was celebrated in 2002. This 30-year period speaks for itself, as a product surviving a generation with such a success, can be considered to have stood the test of times. On the occasion of the anniversary, Dr. József Béres and the whole Béres Group received prestigious moral and scientific recognitions.


Béres Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. performed greatly also in 2003. It reinforced its Hungarian positions and remained the market leader on the market of health protection products. In Hungary Béres Drops was still the roborant product bought in the highest volume, and the same applied to the Actival product family in the multivitamin category.
We reconsidered our strategy at the end of 2002 and adjusted it to predictable market changes and the expectable consequences of the EU accession. Expectable growth trends of the self-administration market were taken into consideration in a wider sense and our product development projects were launched accordingly.
We continued our investments on our strategic export markets, and in 2003 we found the time right to open our representative office in Russia, Ukraine and Romania.
Our new strategy and the most modern management means applied (the results of which were perceivable as soon as in 2003) persuaded us with good reason that the dynamic growth of Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. operated from Hungarian capital in Hungary joining the EU, producing competitive products at an international standard, functioning as a considerable employer and reinvesting part of its profits guided by social responsibility into the building of the country will continue


Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd., celebrating its 15th anniversary opened its new development laboratory in May, 2004. The modern development laboratory was set up in the basement of the Béres headquarters in District III, Budapest. Three measuring instruments and 24 chemical devices help the work of the laboratory staff of 20. During the construction of the laboratory, ensuring the conditions for safe work and abiding by environmental regulations were of primary importance.
The new development laboratory is a symbol: Béres continues to find the development and launch of new products central tasks of strategic significance. In 2004, 10 new products were added to the Béres product portfolio consisting of 31 products at the time, and in the year to follow, 5 more products were expected to be launched. Similarly to other Béres products, the new product family serves mainly health protection and disease prevention, it contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
These new Béres products arrived to a growing market, as the interest in health protection is on the increase in Hungary, and the demand on products serving this is gradually growing.


In 2005, Béres brands got stronger and its newest product family Béres Healthpack also turned into a significant brand. Actival obtained a new member when Actival Energia was launched, and Béres Healthpack grew to have 15 members with the launch of four new products.
In 2005, the media communication of Béres Healthpack was also launched. These products becoming familiar in a large group of people and their gaining ground on the market also marked the change in the structure of sales. Although the token for the balanced operation of the company was still the Béres Drops, the Béres Healthpack product family grew into a brand providing 800 million HUF in revenues in 2005.
In line with our mission, we continued to popularise a healthy lifestyle in the communication of our products. In the spirit of our company slogan "Béres for healthy people" we supported objectives related to health protection and sports.
In 2005, Béres Pharmaceuticals became the golden sponsor of the Hungarian Olympic Team, which was announced by Dr. Pál Schmitt, president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and Dr. József Béres Jr. in a joint press conference. According to the agreement, Actival Max is the "Official Multivitamin of the Hungarian Olympic Team", the products of the Béres Healthpack product family are the "Official health protection products of the Hungarian Olympic Team", and all the Hungarian Olympic athletes can take these preparations while getting prepared for the Summer Olympic Games in 2008.
In March, 2006 in the spirit of doping-free competition, an agreement was concluded with the National Sports Healthcare Institute (OSEI) stipulating that Béres Pharmaceuticals would contribute to Hungarian sports with Béres products in the value of 10 million HUF and a considerable financial fund. Béres products recommended for the athletes were examined by OSEI and declared to be free of doping substances. The professional staff of the institute also ensured that the products reached competing athletes and sports doctors.


When looking back upon the years behind the Béres Group sometime in the future, we will assuredly remember the year 2006 with great pride. Our affiliates maintained and reinforced their positions, new products were launched, large-scale projects were initiated and considerable investments were completed. Hard work brings great achievements.
Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is the market leader among health protection and disease prevention products with considerable market shares. The Company significantly increased its sales in 2006. The key of success was the development and distribution of marketable products. New products were launched again: two new formulas were added to Béres Healthpack, a promising product line branded Béres Medicine Chest, and Gravida, a new preparation recommended for expectant and nursing mothers were launched successfully which latter product acquired a market share of 20% already in the year of its introduction.
Regarding export activities, we made headway and progress on the road of building the image of our branded products by major investments in accordance with our plans.
At the Szolnok site, the construction of the 1,100 square meter finished-goods distribution warehouse was completed. Thus, the value of our investments in Szolnok exceeded 2 billion HUF. At the same time, a major real-estate development project was also launched there. It is a good feeling that this project not only facilitates the diversification of Group‘s activities but also contributes to the development and enrichment of the municipality of Szolnok.


In 2007, Béres Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. maintained its leading position on the health protection market with its 45% market share it has been possessing for long years now. A number of new products were launched onto the market: new products were added to our new product line Béres Medicine Chest consisting of OTC products, and the Béres Healthpack family consisting of dietary supplements. In accordance with market trends, several new products were launched under the Actival multivitamin brand, which was awarded the flattering Superbrand title in 2007.
In spring 2007, we launched our comprehensive national disease prevention and health protection programme, named Béres Health Hungaricum Programme. The objective of this programme in 2007 was to act as a kind of compass in the sea of health tips often contradictory and confusing, and show the right path to people who want to do something for their health. We started out on a national tour to give information to people on health days and with the help of various publications. Pre-eminent experts helped us in collecting the health topics the most concerning Hungarians and in giving simple and clear ideas about how to protect health and prevent diseases.
A major event in autumn 2007 was the opening of a Béres classroom in September in Anarcs in Czóbel Minka Elementary School. The initiator was Dr. József Béres by pledging the amount of money accompanying the Pro Comitatu award given posthumous to his father to Anarcs, which the village assigned to the renovation of the classroom. The Béres Foundation has been supporting the school since 1996. The Béres family lived in Anarcs between 1950 and 1955, this is the native village of Dr. József Béres, and his mother was a teacher in the local school.


In 2008, we chose more careful and cautious business management instead of undiminished growth. Owing to the circumstances outlined, the year’s guiding principle in management was clearly risk reduction and minimisation. This concept was manifested mainly in cost management, which we rationalised from the beginning of the year by reallocating our resources to support our priority products and markets. Owing mainly to the market growth of Béres Drops, the Béres Healthpack product family, Vitamin C products and calcium supply products, the Company preserved its 45% share on the Hungarian health protection market.
In 2008, intense product development was continued for achieving the targets specified in the Company’s growth strategy. Our new products are characterised by innovation, a sound scientific background and reliable, high quality, typical to Béres.
A new member was added to our multivitamin family offered for children in autumn: the forest fruit flavoured Actival Kid was launched. The Béres Healthpack product family was actively developing in autumn, our leading brands were renewed, and new members were added to the product family: Eye-strength Lutein FORTE and Cartilage-strenght FORTE were launched. ProBio 6 capsule, the complex probiotics preparation was launched which contains 6 strains of bacteria in the appropriate plate count, our Vitamin C 500 mg product is available on the shelves of drugstores taking their demands into consideration. Two new products were launched in the Béres Medicine Chest product family, namely Flatin and Diarin.
One of the nicest celebrations of the year was on February 7, 2008 when on the 88th birthday of the Father of Béres Drops, the bust of Dr. József Béres Sr. was unveiled in the Semmelweis Museum of Medical History with the cooperation of the museum’s director-general Dr. Károly Kapronczay. The sculpture is the work by Barna Búza sculptor.
In 2008, we supported Semmelweis University No. I. Children’s Medical Clinic via our Charity Night, and donated a laser scalpel bringing about revolutionary changes in the surgery of children with tumours.
We granted the Béres Health Hungaricum Award for the first time on the Hungarian Healthcare Day on July 1, 2008. With this award, we acknowledge the work of citizens and health professionals who set a good example in improving the health and circumstances of their communities. A beautiful response to the efficiency of our work is the CSR Hungary Award 2008 – Joint Responsibility granted to the Béres Health Hungaricum Programme on the CSR Hungary conference organised in October 2008.


In 2009, the whole technological development of four products (two medicinal products and two dietary supplements), the elaboration and validation of the related analytical methods and the drawing up of the documentation required for their licensing were completed, and their production was launched. We ran laboratory and plant trials with five additional dietary supplements, and have already launched experiments with the purpose of modifying 18 already available preparations (3 medicinal products and 15 dietary supplements).
In accordance with corporate strategy, the production of our products at a high quality was among our priorities also in 2009. In conformity with EU harmonisation, the formula of the vitamin C product family was renewed, and the composition of Actival Kid product family was also modified. Owing to our product developments, the Company’s product portfolio was further expanded: we produce more than 50 kinds of products today. Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. celebrated its 20-year anniversary in 2009. An illustrious event of the series of celebrations spanning over the whole year was connected to the creation of a memorial room in the Szolnok plant site in honour of Dr. József Béres Sr., founder of the Company Group. The memorial room was opened in connection with the scientist’s birthday in February 2009. On 1 September, the Day of Szolnok, the promenade bearing the name of József Béres, stretching along the bank of the river Tisza was opened with all due solemnity in the presence of the town’s management. In August 2009, the Béres family received a remarkable recognition for their activities and work of major significance in the interest of the whole of the Hungarian nation. Szent István award, namely the bronze sculpture of Stephen I of Hungary by sculptor Miklós Melocco was granted by the members of the board of the Szent István Foundation.
We issued the invitation to participate in the Health Plan writing training course and the related contest in 2009 again. With our support, another 19 settlements received professional guidance in preparing a health plan for their settlement.
For the second time on 1 July 2009, the Béres Health Hungaricum Award was granted to enthusiastic individuals who set a good example in improving the health and circumstances of their communities.


Sales continued to grow at Béres Pharmaceuticals in 2010: three new marketing authorisations were issued, thus, the number of medicinal products grew to 31. Three additional preparations were added to our product range meant for children (Actival Kid Omega-3 with vitamins, Calcium + vitamin D3 chewing tablet for children and vitamin C chewing tablet for children).
In January, the Béres Foundation supported earthquake victims in Haiti by shipping more than 15,000 packs of pain relief and antipyretic drugs for children in the value of HUF 5.7 million to the location of the disaster. The Béres Foundation celebrated the Day of Hungarian Culture by presenting the textile artist Anna Kubinyi’s lifetime achievement album.
We celebrated the 90th anniversary of the birth of Dr. József Béres Sr. on 7 February, 2010. The book by Klára Béres entitled Cseppben az élet (Life in a Drop) was published on this occasion. The Kisvárda Association of the Scientific Educational Society (TIT) bearing the inventor’s name unveiled a commemorative plaque and organised a scientific session. The exhibition curated from Zoltán Szeifeild’s graphics presenting the life of József Béres was also part of the festive programme.
The donation amounting to HUF 2.5 million from the sales of Actival Kid and collected for the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service was solemnly handed over at the end of March. With this donation we supported the Charity Service’s programme Játszva megelőzni (Prevention by Play).
Our wholesaler line of business, Béres Healthstore has a new site from November, 2010, and can serve its business partners from a warehouse 2.5 times the size of the previous one.
Two major agreements were signed in 2010. Richter Gedeon purchased the exclusive product rights within Hungary for our Gravida multivitamin developed for expectant mothers, based on which agreement Richter distributes the product produced by Béres from March 2011 on. An additional agreement was also concluded with an English company about the transfer of the marketing authorisation of the CalciviD product – being a market leader in Hungary – in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The findings of Béres Health Hungaricum Programme’s survey Egészségboldogság (Health and Happiness) were published at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in March, 2010. Also in spring, we called for submissions for the Jövő egészségőrei (Health Guards of the Future) contest with health protection programmes for young people between 14-25 years of age. On 1 July, the Béres Health Hungaricum Award was once again handed over by the Foundation.
In accordance with the traditions of the Béres Foundation, we donated 100,000 bottles of Béres Drops at Christmas to those in need.



Béres Pharmaceuticals became the company with the best reputation in the health economic sector in Hungary, according to the survey conducted by Braun&Partners Reputations.
The contest for the drinking fountain with medicinal water aiming to commemorate Dr. József Béres Sr. announced in 2010 was won by sculptor Gábor Miklya from Pécs. His sculpture Csepp park (Drop Park) was erected in Szolnok in 2012.
The book jointly written by Klára Béres and Melinda Béres entitled Az üstökös csillagot hozott (The Comet that Brought a Star) was published. The book explores the life of sculptor Barna Búza who died at 99.
Béres also participated in the contest Az év praxisa a Kárpát-medencében (Medical Practice of the Year in the Carpathian Basin), and ensured monetary prizes for 5 doctors in Hungary and 5 across the borders.

An investment aiming to decrease energy consumption and increase efficiency was launched in our Szolnok plant, which project includes the modernisation of the air supply and air management systems. Efficiency is improved through the recycling of waste heat, lighting is renewed, and a comprehensive boiler and heating construction is completed, as a result of which our energy costs may decrease by as much as 20%.
A new milestone in our diverse communications in spring 2011 is the launch of our Facebook page, named Béres Egészségklub (Béres Health Club).

The Béres Health Hungaricum Programme’s survey conducted in the beginning of the year revealed, that 77% of Hungarian elementary schools were in need of help to execute their health development projects. On the occasion of the Hungarian Health Care Day, the Foundation handed over awards to three health-entusiast teachers, who work hard in the field of health protection in their school communities. With the intention of creating a tradition, we organised the first Health Educator Day in Budapest on 14 October. On the national conference in cooperation with professional organisations, we draw the attention to the fact that there was still much to be done for the young generation’s health development. To this end, we organised accredited training courses for teachers at several locations of the country.

The Béres Foundation dedicated its charity concert to the memory of Ferenc Liszt where his pieces were played. The concert was organised on 14 May in Pesti Magyar Színház (Hungarian Theatre Budapest). The complete income of the cultural event was donated to the National Institute for Oncology, from which donation 5 special medical beds were purchased to ease the suffering of patients in great pain. This Christmas, we organised the handover of 100,000 bottles of Béres Drops at the Good Wishes Christmas Tree set up on Széll Kálmán Square. This year the members of the Béres Health Club Facebook page also participated in the charity event by sending personal messages to the ten charity organisations with the help of whom the 100,000 bottles of Béres Drops will be taken to those in need. The postcards addressed to the organisations were placed on the Christmas tree.

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