Hungaricums from Béres

Hungaricum is the product considered characteristically and typically Hungarian all over the world. To serve and enhance the value, fame and rank of a Hungaricum is a flattering, noble and responsible task. The Béres family is now responsible for the care of as many as three Hungaricums. This is also an opportunity to fulfil their mission and provide faith and power to others to prove: one can create values of international rank and standard on Hungarian soil, with Hungarian talent and with Hungarian hands, and contribute to the mental and physical development and progress of the country and its inhabitants.

Béres Hungaricums:

  • The innovation of Dr. József Béres Sr., the Béres Drops enjoys a high level of awareness and has been considered a Hungaricum for long years now. It is a product acknowledged to greatly support the human organism's immune system. It was registered as a paramedicinal preparation but it has been available as a medicine since 2000. Owing to the scientific foundations and the widely proven efficacy of the Béres Drops, it has been possessing a firm position among Hungary's best known and most frequently applied medicines for years now, it has become the symbol of health.

  • The Béres family's love of Hungarian soil and interest in noble wines resulted in making long-term investments in Erdőbénye, Tokaj-Hegyalja in the service of a different Hungaricum, the Tokaj wine. The firm intention of Béres Vineyards and Winery is to create excellent wines with expertise and a demand on high standards on the slopes of the Erdőbénye-basin offering special opportunities that rebuild the fame of Hungarian wines, Tokaj wines both in Hungary and all over the world.


  • As the Hungarian saying goes: "Three is the right number!" And the determination is there in the Béres family to build a third Hungaricum next to Béres Drops and Tokaj wine, namely the Hungaricum of health. A comprehensive health protection and disease prevention programme entitled Béres Health Hungaricum was launched on a national-scale in spring 2007, the long-term objective of which is that health rather than sickness is looked upon as a Hungaricum in Hungary. The Béres Health Hungaricum Foundation manages the programme, the founder of which is Dr. József Béres. The programme is being built consistently, and we believe that maybe in the not so distant future, the dream - that now seems unrealistic – will come true and with our help, our health will also turn into a real, genuine Hungaricum.


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