Health Care

In accordance with its mission, namely social and national responsibility, the Béres Foundation sponsors value preserving and value creating programmes, offers support for educational and cultural initiatives, helps young talents and pays close attention to healthcare. Our Foundation provides its most significant funds to healthcare every year.

In our Christmas charity activity, we help the sick, the elderly and the needy with 100 000 bottles of Béres Drops every year. We annually distribute our donations to national charity organisations, organisations bringing together cancer patients, organisations for retired people and a number of foundations, church, healthcare and children's welfare institutions.

In addition to product donations, in the framework of our Béres for Cancer Patients programme, we keep in contact with the most significant anti-cancer NGOs to help their work with information materials and lectures. In 2003 however, we intended to achieve even more when we organised our first charity concert with the involvement of external donors, which concert has been organised every year since then.

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