Each taxpayer has 1% of their income tax at their own disposal, which they can donate to an NGO, or a cause they support. Béres Foundation has been helping the needy, the sick, the elderly and those with narrow means for 15 years now. If you agree with our objectives, please support our work and donate 1% of your TAX to us.

The tax number of Béres Foundation:

The bank account number of Béres Foundation: OTP 11703006-20056326
On demand, Béres Foundation will fill in a tax certificate with the donation sum paid in to reduce profit before taxes. In the case of an inpayment by a private individual, the amount paid in can be accounted for in accordance with Personal Income Tax (Art. 41 of Act CXVII of 1995 on Individual Income Tax).

A Béres Alapítvány a felajánlott adó 1%-okból 2010. évben befolyt 508.409,- forintot különféle szervezetek, illetve magánszemélyek egészségügyi, oktatási és kulturális támogatására fordította.

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